Why Capstone Insights

B2B Marketing is What We Do
We’re experts. “Good enough” isn’t enough for us and to keep our edge we only work with marketers in B2B companies. That’s it. Demand gen tactics, programs, funnel performance, budgets, and technological sophistication in B2B are different from those used in marketing insurance, financial services, or selling toothpaste to consumers.
We’ve been there and done that; we didn’t just read about it
We have a depth of expertise cultivated through work with hundreds of B2B marketers and our desire to share our knowledge via dozens of articles and presentations each year. We take care to hire and partner with expert marketers, designers, and technologists. But, we also recognize that everyone has to start somewhere, so we ensure that junior resources are always paired with veteran consultants who lead and oversee your engagement.
There’s no such thing as best
practices, just established practices

We help marketers understand and implement established marketing practices. But what gets us excited – and where we excel – is working with trailblazing marketers to institute and define the latest emergent practices. The results currently possible with the right martech stack weren’t possible just three years ago. Don’t just follow the tried and true path for lackluster results. Work with cutting edge practices to outpace your competition and become the example that that others marketers attempt to emulate.
We have a technical point of view not just a theoretical one
A strategy without a clear path to implementation isn’t useful. We explain each recommendation we make and give you the tools and guidance needed to implement each step in your martech stack. We’re also available to do the implementation and execution work too. Incremental steps and clear milestones create an aggressive strategy that works in reality, not just in theory.
We’re agile not rigid
We execute our marketing strategies through iterative work cadences and empirical feedback. Kanban eliminates confusion and ensures that projects stay on track while enabling us to simultaneously collaborate with clients. Deliverables are consistently on time, within scope, and, most importantly, on budget. Agile marketing is inherently conversational and encourages sharing, brainstorming, and timely feedback which produce better results.
We focus on outcomes not actions
Remaining static isn’t useful. Companies engage with us to drive results. We begin by outlining your unique goals and objectives and clearly defining your “wins” with objective, measurable metrics and KPIs. We develop a clear definition of how to quantify your progress and success. From that point forward, adjustments are made using facts and data, not assumptions and gut feelings.