Building the case for only using contacts in your CRM

Okay, you bought in. You’ve read the post on the benefits of taking a contacts only approach to CRM, the one on challenges you’ll need to work through if you don’t use leads, and my last post on mechanizing a contacts-only CRM strategy. This post is about how to...

How to take a contacts-only approach to CRM

How do you actually mechanize a contacts only CRM strategy? Ideally, it’s from the start on the first day you activate your CRM. Unfortunately, 99.8% of us don’t have an opportunity to set up a new CRM from scratch without legacy data. This post brings you through Marketing Converts’ experiences and thinking on what you need to do in order to transition to a contacts-only approach to CRM.

Marketing Acronyms Crossword Puzzle

“Kids today—who can understand them?” The same is true of B2B marketers. There are so many marketing acronyms that we use nonchalantly every day, that many of us neglect the fact that anyone outside our field (and likely many in it, too) are not entirely sure what’s being said.